MyoArm – Now available from GI

General Interfaces is proud to be able to offer the MyoArm: Based on building blocks initially developed by the Roboy and Myorobotics research projects, the MyoArm is an anthropomimetic, tendon-driven 5 DOF robotic arm for research. Driven by 12 to 13 MyoMuscles the arm provides a great research platform for neurally inspired control.

myoarm overview

Being fully open source in both hard- and software it can be controlled and extended freely. The software is based on ROS and the ros_control framework, while the hardware uses the modular MyoRobotics toolkit, allowing reconfiguration as required.

Full specification can be found in the attached pdf: MyoArm-Flyer

The MyoArm prototype configuration already played an essential role in research

conducted by Ralf Der and Georg Martius at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leibzig, Germany and IST Austria, Klosterneuburg, Austria, respectively:

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General Interfaces is an R&D company based in Munich with strong ties to the Technical University of Munich and the Roboy team.