NEST Workshop in Karlsruhe

Date: 03.11.2016
Venue: FZI, Karlsruhe
Duration: 2 days

The NEST workshop in Karlsruhe received a lot of attention with significantly more attendees than expected.

Presentations covered topics such as
– NEST: Current Developments (Hans Ekkehard Plesser & Susanne Kunkel)
– Neurorobotics and NEST in the HBP (Marc-Oliver Gewaltig)
– Modeling the Cerebellum (Egidio d’Angelo)
– Cerebellum Modelling with NEST (Alberto Antonietti)
– Interfacing the Neurorobotics Platform using MUSIC (Martin Schulze)
– The Potjans-Diesmann local microcircuit model using different neuron classes for excitatory and inhibitory neurons (Nilton Kamiji)
– Interactive visualization and steering of structural plasticity in NEST (Sandra Diaz)
– NestMC: A new multi-compartment neuron simulator (Alex Peyser)
– NEST, MUSIC, and ROS (Philipp Weidel)
– Porting WaveScales to NEST (Elena Pastorelli)


You can find more on the workshop website here: