NRP version 1.2 released!

The 1.2 version of the Neurorobotics Platform has been released! As usual, you can access it from:
or from our website

This versions adds:

Support for bigger brain models
Graphical transfer functions editor
Basic brain visualization
Python API for batch simulations (Virtual Coach)
Object scaling
New template experiments
Camera Streaming
Object Scaling
Environment Enhancements

and updated documentation and video tutorials.

Known issues are slow access on private collabs, which should be fixed soon, and some experiments not automatically switching to 3D view, which we are working on.

We are naturally moving to our next 1.3 release cycle, which will add even more great features and enhancements. These will be announced on the website roadmap shortly.


The picture shows a redesigned virtual lab, featuring the mouse experiment and our new brain visualizer.